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Pure Jute together
What about Pure Jute Campus?!

You just arrived at our campus. In the ancient times, the word campus was used to define an open space or field were you could meet people, products and share ideas. Actually, this Pure Jute Campus is similar. If you are a student, a pupil, a teacher, a mom or dad or just you, it’s all perfect. Just come in and take a look at our campus!

Pure Jute Campus is an initiative of Pure Jute and provides their costom made products especially for schools, high schools, universities, student organizations, committees and sports clubs. A Pure Jute bag brings people together!

Natural products
At our campus you can find certified products made of jute, juco and organic cotton. These natural, stunning fibres are the alternative for using plastics in particular. As you know the oceans and soil are full of plastics, products we use and which we throw away when we don’t need them anymore. We have to stop this fastmoving consumption.

Now the time has come to make a change. Actually, YOU are the change, standing here at this campus. Looking at people who already made up their mind, who did something magnificant for nature and the human beings: saying farewell to the plastic bags and welcoming the natural Pure Jute bags. Small step, high impact!

You are a designer
Inside you there is a creative monster who can design whatever he wants. Don’t be shy, the sky is the limit! We offer costum made products and we would be honored to help you, developing your own product! Off course you don’t stand alone, we will advise you any time. Besides costom made products we also have Pure Jute standard models. Just contact us for further information.

Curious you!
Would you like to know more about Pure Jute? Where the products come from and what we do to make the world a little better? Just take a look at or give us a call. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Look, share, design and enjoy!